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Stable Glo 0.0k Free Browsing Cheat With Special Vpn

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Cheats' started by Franklinnwanklin, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. flash

    flash Member

  2. Unscrupulous

    Unscrupulous Member

    it aint working or stable has you said Bro
  3. Heskay9

    Heskay9 Member

    Please show us the screenshot of the settings or explain it again


  5. kelvinchinedu

    kelvinchinedu Member

    Stop posting something without a link ,
  6. Hardeywale

    Hardeywale Member

    The downloading speed of glo network worse pass despite being stable... It's totally rubbish
    thafweshgeek likes this.
  7. akande rasaq

    akande rasaq Rookie!!!

    plz add me to d WATS app grp 08065311385 and 08124875637.
  8. thafweshgeek

    thafweshgeek Upcoming

  9. Emmiano

    Emmiano Member

    Please guyz am not yet added to the WhatsApp group...Here is my number 08164665521 Someone should please add me up..
  10. Olinto

    Olinto Member

    me2 08035432122
  11. Cyril

    Cyril Member

    Lol........... I downloaded a file worth 2.20mb with this settings for 2hours 43second I swear glo you try
    Klaus likes this.
  12. xpion

    xpion Member

    THE reason why some people er flexin glo 0.00k cheat.... and also the reason why some er , finding it very difficult to enjoy it also ... NOW WHATS THE PROBLEM OR THE ISSUES EMANATING... TO what's the cause this is due to bad network in your area and it also depends in your location the reason why some er, flexing glo 0.00k without interruption of network or disconnection of vpn........ now thus flexing and blazing this might be staying in this kind of locations: NOTE( if you base or live in this locations am about too mention you glo. 0:00k cheat will be blazing nomal with VPN without disconnecting>this er the locations where you can get this cheat blazing without complaining. (LAGOS)should be your 1st location 2nd should be (AbuJa)3rd should be (JOS) this locations er also with the new glo 4glte service, pls I beg don't use because of this and start traveling.... bcus it won't even be necessary because glo is on there engine and also engineering staffs er,on duty just like men at work there finding the way to stop this cheat.... so i fink this cheat is ganna be going very soon just like the Airtel 0.00k so letter I will be revealing the new proxy to make your glo 0.00k this will serve you better not just some things er needed to add to that proxy to make it flex like mad
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
  13. xpion

    xpion Member

  14. xpion

    xpion Member

  15. xpion

    xpion Member

    remember guys vpns doesn't matter if u er, in a good location this proxy will serve you bn etter bought if you er not then your response will keep on been is disconnecting......,remember if you er not in those locations I have just mentioned which is with 4glte service this means this means you er in the location which is using only 3.5G service:LATEST PROXY TO BE USE go to your proxy server on any VPN which your using type or put this the latest settings and pls you proxy type should be dual real host
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
  16. xpion

    xpion Member

    if the connection is not stable in your area you will have to download internet speed emulator or internet speed meter cracked version 2.5 to make it run on mphz what I mean is k/ bs rember if it runs for you on mphz this means it has bypassed the level of number which is suppose to and also when runing on mphz this means you have network in your area and with this you can download upto 20Gb without disconnecting....remember this is new ands it working fine
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
  17. Khaelson

    Khaelson Member

    It not stable joor
  18. xpion

    xpion Member

    that means you don't have good network in your area???
  19. xpion

    xpion Member

    you can also try Loyal VPN I think that's the best VPN for nw
  20. Speed and stability I free browsing tricks depends on two things, your handler menu settings and your APN settings in that order.
  21. bks

    bks Member

  22. xpion

    xpion Member

    Yes of er right
  23. xpion

    xpion Member

    but remember its all about network
  24. Last King

    Last King Member

    if the stuff is working tu you....screenshot it and your full settings
  25. xpion

    xpion Member

    bro if it doesn't work for you tell me "but first of all go threw those instruction first and check.... forget about screenshot... and pass threw those instructions I have just instructed....??
  26. Last King

    Last King Member

    I tried didn't work....did u put anything in ur connect through proxy??
  27. Last King

    Last King Member

    that is all d settings I nid bro?
  28. xpion

    xpion Member

    THE REAl OUTSTANDING SETTINGS FOR GLO0:00k CHEAT NO DOUBT >WHICH IS THE BEST OF ALL SETTINGS WITHOUT BEEN STRESSED UP...pls follow the INSTRUCTIONS=CAREFULLY use this intruct too get your glo0.00kcheat running without no interruption
    you have too use (true VPN) or (loyal team VPN) no setting is needed too be set...when you open any of this VPN you will see gloserver you will have to tap the glo server in the box you then choose the location you want..and then you hit your connection button it will connect...if its not stable, you have to change your APN settings (NOTE)nobody ever said this but today i will be exposing and reveling this too all jikinz members ...guys this is the most stable APN settings for glo0.00k cheat STEP1(name:glo)STEP2( type:default, sulp, and wap)STEP4(proxy: not set)STEP5(port:not set)STEP6(username: GPRS)STEP7<(password: internet)>and the last bought not the list which is authentication type> you will have to tap> (pap or chap)< as your authentication pls and pls don't come here and start asking for screen short I no its necessary....and I also no seen is beliving bought I don't have time for all those stuff... SEE IT THIS IS IT CHECK and TEST..... guys note:why am given you guys this is too remaind you that that this cheat is begenin 2 come too an was confirmed too me yesterday from one of glo staff at lagos
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2017
    Soft406 likes this.
  29. xpion

    xpion Member

    yea bro that proxy has been block the only one working nw is still the same that proxy is too rampard too many people er using it that's why
    Last King likes this.
  30. xpion

    xpion Member

    but db
    bought don't worry about that check out my new post
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