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Report Schemes & Websites That Are Not Paying Anymore For Blocking

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Prezzy, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Sadly, you are right. But one needs to know the tricks in order to win
  2. Jef

    Jef Member

    My Suggestion

    I'll suggest members research for long standing legitimate and proven online businesses before joining and encouraging others to join. Let's be very careful with greed. Almost everyone wants easy and quick money without actually working for it. We call it investment. Ponzis and HYIPs should be approached with utmost care. They lure us with high percentages and consistent payments when they start. After winning people's confidence and getting them to invest and reinvest their earnings, without warning they disappear.
    Let's be wise.
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  3. Ayedawa

    Ayedawa Rookie!!!

    www.bitnetcoin.com is up now. I have asked for withdrawal though not yet credited
  4. Tunababa8v

    Tunababa8v Upcoming

    Please let me know when you are credited so l can also inform my friend . . His withdrawal has been on pending for five days
  5. Ay04z

    Ay04z Member

    if bitnetcoin.com pay anybody kom and cut my head......I have 7 pending withdrawal with dem.........clear thieves ....don't go there.....thank God for mmmunited,get help worldwide and giversforum......i for don go back to village...........please participate in these 3 website ...and i bet it with u DAT ur money is save....
    Prezzy likes this.
  6. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Bot!

    WISE TALK.....
  7. sweetest

    sweetest Member

    But why will you invest such amount in HYIP? People dey try sha
    wokemz likes this.
  8. Clifford

    Clifford Member

  9. Clifford

    Clifford Member

  10. Ayedawa

    Ayedawa Rookie!!!

    The site is out again. I think there is a technical challenge. It will sure come back up.
  11. Ayedawa

    Ayedawa Rookie!!!

    Well, my choice actually and will wait for the site to pick up again. I see that work is on going on the site.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours
  12. Ayedawa

    Ayedawa Rookie!!!

    Well, give me your address or better still send me 0.05 when they credit me, 'deal?'
  13. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Bot!

  14. Beware bitnetcoin scam alert
  15. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Bot!

  16. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    you have said the truth!
  17. mazzaroth

    mazzaroth Member

    Helpingrevolution.com is gone
  18. Aimbtc.com has stopped paying
  19. Crypto-city.org has stopped paying you won't even see your bitcoin balance anymore
  20. evel.org pending withdrawals
  21. Jetpaying.org is a scam it shows lists of people being paid but its still pending my withdrawals
    Prezzy likes this.
  22. legendary

    legendary Member

    Is sidcash paying?
  23. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    If you can find a thread Promoting them here on Jackobian.com, please report ASAP!
  24. emxy

    emxy Member

    stablepower.biz - scam

    bitcoinboster- scam

    earntech.co- scam

    bitnetcoin.com- scam
  25. Dorlipi

    Dorlipi Upcoming

  26. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    please, dop a link to a thread on jackobian promoting the scheme so we can knock it off and help people save money
    Dorlipi likes this.
  27. Dorlipi

    Dorlipi Upcoming

    this one of the link Make Some $ For This Xmas In Just 20mins
  28. Ay04z

    Ay04z Member

  29. wokemz

    wokemz Member

    Nice job here
  30. mela101

    mela101 Rookie!!!

    Shuy...uncle take am easy oooo...online biz na gamble ooo
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