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Discussion in 'Bitcoin Nigeria Community' started by cyborg07, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. cyborg07

    cyborg07 Upcoming

    I won't be selfish with this one! I came across a thread on this forum which doesn't have much buzz around it, but as a person who love to try new investments that could yield, I gave it a try. I have made 70$ already with just 10$ i signed up with without any referrals or any hard work whatsoever. If you like believe me, if you like don't I wont screenshot anything for you.

    All you have to do is join and pay the up line assigned to you 10$ BTC within 12hours, before 24 hours you will get 2 downlines who will pay you 10$ each. then you recycle over and over and over again till you are tired.

    The best thing about this site is that their customer service is very prompt. They attend to you very swiftly.

    visit and start earning without stress!!!.
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  2. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Active Bot!

    Sure brother am trying it out thanks for the update.
  3. cyborg07

    cyborg07 Upcoming

    Great! No referral link, No bullsh!t. Just donate 10$ and earn twice your donation in 24hrs, Do it again.
    You can make about 600$ in a month with your 10$ donation. Nothing to lose at all.
    Olalee and Prezzy like this.
  4. gbolahan

    gbolahan Upcoming

    Nice work how to upload payment proof
  5. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp Member

    Money... Shs...proof
  6. adex01

    adex01 Member

    Pls, can I see your proof?
    Klaus likes this.
  7. zedzed

    zedzed Upcoming

    I will donate in naira das #3000.its real
  8. Michael Emmanuel

    Michael Emmanuel Rookie!!!

    Bitcoins and Naira, which is better to use on this platform???
  9. Clifford

    Clifford Member

    pls,is this real abeg
  10. alfasaidu

    alfasaidu Rookie!!!

    can i donatr in Naira
  11. sam max

    sam max Member

    please is the "NOT PAID" for me or my upline because i dont want to donate to an inactive upline

    Attached Files:

  12. Olalee

    Olalee Member

  13. Tunababa8v

    Tunababa8v Upcoming

    It is real . . I donated yesterday by 11am and i was given 2 downlines who paid me $10 each same yesterday . . . Try it out. . Screenshot_2017-01-09-07-12-58.png

    You know i always talk with proof. So register . . No referral palava
  14. Tunababa8v

    Tunababa8v Upcoming

    Please i have trying to recycle but this is what i have been getting Screenshot_2017-01-09-07-15-48.png

    Any suggestions please ?
  15. vincent7134

    vincent7134 Rookie!!!

    i donated in bitcoin using the live value i was given but it wasnt up to $10 and on login i discovered the live value have changed. please enlighten us. are we to make sure we use a value exactly $10? and hope it wont affect my confirmation.
  16. Tunababa8v

    Tunababa8v Upcoming

    Copy the exact amount they ask you to pay
  17. princevincly

    princevincly Member

    Av registered.. . . How do I see my hash code if I use xapo wallet
    Tampa likes this.
  18. Tunababa8v

    Tunababa8v Upcoming

    Click on transaction , click on the amount you sent, you will see some long chains alphabets like codes

    Or just google it
  19. vincent7134

    vincent7134 Rookie!!!

    i have uploaded hash ID. is confirmation automatic?
  20. princevincly

    princevincly Member

    Vincent aw did you see hashcode nd which wallet do you use
  21. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    hope it's still working sis?
  22. Olalee

    Olalee Member

    Yea, it's working
  23. Olalee

    Olalee Member

    Call the person before paying. I got an international call from someone. He called to confirm my availability before paying into my bitcoin account
  24. valfrost

    valfrost Member

    Wat is recycling
  25. Olalee

    Olalee Member

    Pls explain the aspect of recycling, how do I recycle? Or is
  26. Olalee

    Olalee Member

    [QUOTE="valfrost, post: 76248, member: 78reinvestingcling[/QUOTE]

    I saw it on the site. It has to do with reinvesting. But I can't understand how to do it
  27. valfrost

    valfrost Member

    Dose it use bitcoin
  28. Olalee

    Olalee Member

    [YeaUOTE="valfrost, post: 76251, member: 7889"]Dose it use bitcoin[/QUOTE]

    I paid with bitcoin. In fact I prefer that cos soon I want to be buying things online I think that would make the money to be useful
  29. Tunababa8v

    Tunababa8v Upcoming

    Recycling is re investing after completing one cycle of investment . . That is you havr been paid
  30. princevincly

    princevincly Member

    Av been confirmed
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