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O-give Is New And Paying

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Ayodeji034, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. valfrost

    valfrost Member

    Av been paired ...joined just yesterday o give works
    sango ilorin likes this.
  2. Ayodeji034

    Ayodeji034 Member

  3. o'give have no website? I don't really understand about the financier stuff! must someone borrow to get to the next level?
    Adedayo likes this.
  4. Orewems

    Orewems Member

    stop observing. it is working. I am in stage 3
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  5. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Mod

  6. valfrost

    valfrost Member

    The website is and no referals
  7. Cybertycoon

    Cybertycoon Member

    O-Give, the name sounds sweet Sha.
  8. prince5005

    prince5005 Member

    Check y
    Chech your "spam" folder
  9. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Mod

  10. Abdul Abdul

    Abdul Abdul Upcoming

    O-GIVE is paying like fire..............:p:D:p
    sango ilorin likes this.
  11. Ayodeji034

    Ayodeji034 Member

    Keep d testimony coming
  12. Collinberg

    Collinberg Upcoming

    I registered and paid yesterday,the guy I paid to said he registered on Friday and I was the last person to pay him,I pray I get that kind of testimony too
  13. Godgift

    Godgift Member

    Sorry for the post but i had to.
    Enjoy automatic spillover now on was lunched yesterday and its paying fast hurry now and register. Level 1 upgrading fee is just 0.001btc.
  14. Clems

    Clems Member

    Pls is ogive for real
  15. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp Upcoming

    I register today, activate today and ask to pay today too...funniest, I fear to pay but I will pay share..
    I love

  16. I thinks it's real!
    I registered yesterday and got marched after 10minutes..
    I transferred 5k to the person and she confirmed me immediately. So I'm now waiting to get paid...

    and u can also join me on

    it was launched on 3rd of January 2017.
  17. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp Upcoming

    WhatsApp Group Invite

    I think is good we have WhatsApp group on that cause am now in love with o-give
  18. Abdul Abdul

    Abdul Abdul Upcoming

    O-GIVE is really really paying......
  19. Prettynonna

    Prettynonna Member

    I paid since Sunday,but I have not been paid yet,but am still hopeful
    Achemu Emmanuel likes this.
  20. Princessam

    Princessam Member

    add me up on whatsapp..08067868464 :::findin it difficult 2 enter
  21. Scon-P

    Scon-P Member

    Got confirmed on ogive on jan 7 and got paired today
  22. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp Upcoming

    click the link...
  23. Ayodeji034

    Ayodeji034 Member

  24. I paid on 7th January but yet to be paired ooh. I want to share my own testimony too oooh
  25. danjay

    danjay Member

    plsss I need financier too den we share 60/40 plss
  26. Orewems

    Orewems Member

    I upgraded to level 4 today.. I was paid 80k..upgraded with 40k
    Wendy likes this.
  27. Clems

    Clems Member

    Pls I need help, I want to join but I don't have an android fone to transfer payment and to screen shot, I only have a laptop and a Nokia 210. pls wat do I do
    Wendy likes this.
  28. Ayodeji034

    Ayodeji034 Member

    U can use ur laptop 2 do d registration and transfer money with ur Nokia fone
  29. Clems

    Clems Member

    But if I use de in Nokia phone for de transfer hw do I upload prove of payment as in screen short
  30. vincent7134

    vincent7134 Member

    send the alert to an andriod phone screenshot it and use the andriod to upload POP. it will take up to 3mins. there must be someone around you using andriod.
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