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O-give Is New And Paying

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Ayodeji034, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Frank Anene

    Frank Anene Rookie!!!

    coolfund rocks! enjoy automatic spillover . Follow this link and ur referers are assure Dashboard - Coolfund.IO
  2. lucky igein

    lucky igein Member

    Let me have contacts to call for the o-give I think it's a nice concept
  3. stevecisco

    stevecisco Member

    hw many days does it take to get paid?
  4. mela101

    mela101 Member

    Pls the link for the o give... and you guys can also try twinkas
  5. Ayodeji034

    Ayodeji034 Rookie!!!
  6. Ayodeji034

    Ayodeji034 Rookie!!!

    Within day 1-7
  7. Jblastmp

    Jblastmp Member

    I have heared about this ogive from a friend.. I have think is great.. More like greenspeer
  8. Stuffor

    Stuffor Member

    Sorry am spaming guys also check dis it deals with bitcoin with just 0.005btc u earn a whooping sum of 81btc don't worry abt downlines u get frm spillover
  9. schoolhelp

    schoolhelp Member

    Still observing
  10. stevecisco

    stevecisco Member

    I Just registered.
  11. For what?
  12. stevecisco

    stevecisco Member

  13. vincent7134

    vincent7134 Rookie!!!

    just registered but have not gotten activation email. how long does it take?
  14. stevecisco

    stevecisco Member

    hw many days did it take u to get paid?
  15. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Bot!

  16. vincent7134

    vincent7134 Rookie!!!

    have been matched and i just made payment. but when i clicked 'i have made payment' i was ask to wait few minutes.. #still waiting.
  17. vincent7134

    vincent7134 Rookie!!!

    please how do i see my referral link to invite others..
  18. Ayodeji034

    Ayodeji034 Rookie!!!

    No referral link @all, u will be given downlines automatically
  19. winter47

    winter47 Rookie!!!

    How long does it take to be matched???

  20. valfrost

    valfrost Member

    Guy most ppl nah just 2 days but the network said 0 to 7 days
  21. valfrost

    valfrost Member

    Vincent look well u go see where dey wrote "" claim to have made payment" just wait for activation
  22. Alao

    Alao Rookie!!!

    Are you going to be looking for people that will pay u I mean downline just like icharity
    Universal planb
    And so on
  23. STOP Spamming!
  24. valfrost

    valfrost Member

    Nooooo @alo the system will match u
  25. Collinberg

    Collinberg Upcoming

    I would definitely register tommorrow
  26. Ayodeji034

    Ayodeji034 Rookie!!!

  27. Stuffor

    Stuffor Member

    guys i need to knw do i have to upload teller, to proof i ve pay
  28. Oyeyemi

    Oyeyemi Rookie!!!

    Any website?
  29. Oppy

    Oppy Member

  30. Ayodeji034

    Ayodeji034 Rookie!!!

    D website to register is
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