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Nigerian Companies Need To Start Accepting Bitcoins Investment [my Thoughts]

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Nigeria Community' started by Prezzy, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    So far, most of the Bitcoins investment opportunities coming up are crossing into this country from outside the borders. We don't know because there's little or no difference between those and the ones we have here in Nigeria.

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    Here's what I mean...
    On the Internet, it's going to cost you the same thing to invest in a Nigerian business as it will cost you to invest in a business that's not of Nigerian origin.

    So, you will most likely not notice that you aren't dealing with Nigerians.

    It becomes much more easier when you are dealing with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins.

    However, that doesn't eliminate the fact that we aren't really investing in Nigerian companies.

    I have seen a startup in one of American states which deals on turning waste materials into finished products that can be useful to the people .
    They have a very nice site and are accepting donations from people all over the world!

    If we donate to such companies now, we stand to earn while they do some serious work over there and they end up developing their country further. I have no problem with this at all.

    But we have such companies here in Nigeria. Why aren't they coming online to meet investors?

    This is what bugs me and I hope someone here will work on this or take this message to someone who needs to see it and do something about it.

    We Need Nigerian Companies to Start coming Online and accepting Bitcoins and others so we can Invest in them, in our country too!
  2. gbolahan

    gbolahan Upcoming

    Jackobian can create one
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  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

  4. Lanzar

    Lanzar Member

    Cbn needs to start transacting with bitcoins so other companies can follow suit
  5. eugyno

    eugyno Member

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