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Mtn 0.0k Free Browsing, January 2017

Discussion in 'Latest Technology Updates' started by Tyki_Mikk, Jan 11, 2017 at 2:59 PM.

  1. Tyki_Mikk

    Tyki_Mikk Member

    Please give us a very good reason for replicating the original thread
  2. Lateefsuru

    Lateefsuru Rookie!!!

    Why replicating the original thread?
  3. skilztools

    skilztools Member

  4. Gistladen.com

    Gistladen.com Member

    I dont know why you are asking me Jamb question....Who know exclusive tech. Thats my first time visiting the site. Talking like you are the one that detect or unveil the cheat. #Bro go look for work and work hard instead of questioning your fellow Nigerian.
  5. abdullahazashittu

    abdullahazashittu Rookie!!!

  6. Emen

    Emen Rookie!!!

  7. tundex0172

    tundex0172 Member

    Testing mode...
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