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Mmm Express 2017

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Nigeria Community' started by BETIKS, Jan 8, 2017.


    BETIKS Rookie!!!

    HURRY NOW!!! Sergey Mavrodi is up again with MMM Express.
    This platform promises 150% of your income in just 15 Days. Yes, it is possible to get 150% per 15 days here.
    Follow this link to complete your registration: MMM Express | 2017 — Official Website
    New year, new website, new rules, new team, new income - same MMM!
    This is an opportunity to experience financial freedom in 2017.
    • 100% capital+ 50% profit of your investment is 15days
    • Daily Mavro growth
    • 10% referral bonus
    • Operates in Bitcoins and recommitment is compulsory to keep the platform beyond 2018
    • Trusted Admins
    • Quick PH and GH system
    •Automatic comfirmation of payment (Uses bitcoin network for payment confirmation), Fascination structures and transparency
    Follow this link to complete your registration:MMM Express | 2017 — Official Website
    Together, we will change the world! Long live MMM Express!!!

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