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Live Thread (gethelpworldwide)

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Donwaxy, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Donwaxy

    Donwaxy Member

    Hey guys it's Me again. Here's another LIVE THREAD on how to make a whooping 30%/50% on GETHELPWORLDWIDE.

    If you missed my live thread on Kaynation.com click here to review.
    Kaynation (progress Stats)

    Now back to BUSINESS. NO TIME.

    It is simply an online Community where people are helping each other Financially Directly with No Third Parties Involved, whatever Help you give to someone financially grows by 30% if in Local currency or 50% if in Bitcoin in 30 days. In Get Help Worldwide you are not required to pay any money for registration i.e.
    Registration is FREE,
    *NO CENTRAL ACCOUNT* where people are required to pay money to
    *NO GUIDERS*,so outrageous sums ain't given to some persons
    *CREDIBILITY SCORES*,this keeps participant active,it starts at 100%,if u default u lose some % if u keep the rules ur score increases. N.B ull b blocked if it gets to 0% and a poor credibility score will delay your gh order as more active participant will b matched first
    *100% SECURITY*. The website is SSL enabled,once u enter and submit your acc details it can no longer b changed by u or any one who steals u password unless u contact support.
    *RECOMMITMENT REQUIRED* once u av gotten help on the 30th day ur expected to reprovide help within 3days of ur gh else u acc will b blocked, this is to stop people from bin idle,jus withdrawing bonuses this keeps all active. remember continuous ph and Gh is wot keeps a peer to peer donations system
    *KNOWN MATCHING*. You are not jus called upon to pay ur ph amount anytime In GHW. u should expect matching for payment wen your donations start reading from 75% this is usually from d 21th day post ph. this is advantageous as u can use your money for other things getting it ready for payment wen ull b matched.
    *PROMPT SUPPORT REPLY* You can try this your self,reply will be given to you in less than 3hrs.
    Isnt this good?????
    To Signup, click on my Referral ID:

    Get Help Worldwide - #1 World's Mutual Financial Aid Community
    Then click on Create Account.
  2. Donwaxy

    Donwaxy Member

    Attached Files:

  3. Donwaxy

    Donwaxy Member

    My GH according to them is going to be processed on the 18/1/2017. I.e Next Week Wednesday. My people pray for me oh.
  4. Donwaxy

    Donwaxy Member

    Hello people as promised, today is 18/1/2017 and gethelpworldwide has paired me to get help. Below are screenshots. I've gotten payment from one of the persons and the others said they'll pay tomorrow.

    Gethelpworldwide rocks

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  5. chizzyify

    chizzyify Member

    You'll be paid for sure. I'm a member and it's paying.
  6. Ayodeji034

    Ayodeji034 Rookie!!!

    I heard new members with the PH of above 50 USD will get 20usd, I just sign up but did not see the registration bonus
  7. chizzyify

    chizzyify Member

    You get the bonus when you want to get help. All bonus will be included with your total earning.
  8. Prindu

    Prindu Member

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