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Greenspeer.com By Christabel Is New - Check It Out!

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Prezzy, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. IceCold

    IceCold Rookie!!!

    Yes, it will pay u. Truth is... I registered on Tuesday 3rd January 2017. Immediately I was paired to make donation,which I called the person to find out if he is cool with online transfer n he said yes. I made d donation n screen snapped d page and uploaded it as my proof of payment and immediately d dude confirmed me. The next thing I saw was,"two people have been paired to pay you"... I was so surprised. Just started laughing, had to start introducing people to it. The only issue I am experiencing is that the site could take time to open some times. That's all. I wish d admin could work on it real quick Cus d traffic to the site is something else.
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  2. IceCold

    IceCold Rookie!!!

    Yes I have been paid and am level 2
  3. Donwaxy

    Donwaxy Member

  4. Donwaxy

    Donwaxy Member

    Am already in level 3. And level 2 in two other accounts.
  5. mrdreams

    mrdreams Rookie!!!

    i was in level 2 since 27th dec but nw am in level 3.......patient is the key
  6. joyng

    joyng Member

    I've been in level 3 since 30th dec and the site is not opening here. How long will I stay in this level?
  7. sango ilorin

    sango ilorin Well Known Bot!

  8. vianis

    vianis Rookie!!!

    Of u have stay so long in any level u can still ssend d mail to dem b4 u no dey will match u
  9. linda

    linda Member

    I have been in level two for almost two weeks, I jst got paired to four persons dis morning and three of dem have paid,jst be patient :D:D:)
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  10. princevincly

    princevincly Member

    Greenspeer FAMILY join our watsapp group with dis link.... U will get all latest information on greenspeer there
  11. ishieymoney

    ishieymoney Rookie!!!

    Pls add me to greenspeeer whatsapp group 08149949500
  12. Chicogentil

    Chicogentil Member

    Patience is the key oo
  13. Bmatty123

    Bmatty123 Rookie!!!

    Same here ooo
  14. princevincly

    princevincly Member

  15. mrdreams

    mrdreams Rookie!!!

    i'm on greenspeer platform rit now........with persistenc u ll log in.......is the population that is making it hard to login, just keep trying.
  16. pato_baba

    pato_baba Rookie!!!

    Testimony time.. Thank God finally I have been paired on level2.. Na just 1 niga dey delay my payment.. 3 people don pay asap
  17. Claudius

    Claudius Rookie!!!

    Pls add me 08163680039
  18. princevincly

    princevincly Member

  19. pls add me with this Num 07068248084
  20. princevincly

    princevincly Member

  21. have paid since on Friday nd the person I paid to have confirmed me.but DA have not match anybody to pay me
  22. princevincly

    princevincly Member

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  23. princevincly

    princevincly Member

    My friend's didn't get paired till almost 79 hours... Don't worry, you'll get paired
  24. With GREENSPEER my bank alert na gbagam.......!
  25. Abdul6190

    Abdul6190 Rookie!!!

    Greenspeer pays I am in level 3 heading to 4
  26. Yaki Bruno

    Yaki Bruno Rookie!!!

    I have not noticed something like support on this greenspeer platform. how can someone lay complains if he/she needs some help?
  27. Oppy

    Oppy Member

    Guys going to 2 was nofin yet
  28. Oppy

    Oppy Member

    Going to 2 weeks nofin yet
  29. Romantic4

    Romantic4 Rookie!!!

    Pls who here hav been paired in level 3
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  30. T.M.I

    T.M.I Rookie!!!

    It is an investment platform built to empower unemployed youths of Nigeria and a Social Financial Network where members invest #10,000 (fixed) and get 20% (#2,000) daily returns for 21working days. Yes! you get paid #2,000 daily straight to your Nigerian bank account - a total of #42,000with 320% profit of your investment in just 21working days...

    You invest #10,000 and get #42,000 total.
    Invest #20,000 and get #84,000 total. (Only two accounts allowed per member)
    Minimum Investment #10,000
    Maximum Investment #20,000 (Separated in two accounts)

    For those interested they must have
    1. Mobile banking or internet banking for easy transaction.
    2. Bank account must have SMS or email alert to confirm daily payout.
    3. Money must be readily available before requesting to be added to list.
    4. Have a WhatsApp number and be active
    5. Dedicated and Serious minded people only
    6. Invest within 2hrs of list announcement else will be removed & replaced.
    7. It is based on first come first serve basis.
    8. List are compiled and grouped in 10's i.e each list must have up to 10 investors before investment are approved.
    Hurry now! Its fast and moving...

    NOTE: Foreign adverts would not be condoned, Defaulters would be removed.

    You are most welcome to join, u can make this your monthly salary with just #10,000

    Follow this link to join our WhatsApp group only if interested
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