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Free Browsing Settings Using New Xp Psiphon Vpn Handler ___update By Gad!

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Cheats' started by Gad, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    If possible bro send a ss of the way you configured it, and it's your device rooted?
    isah likes this.
  2. mrsagi

    mrsagi Rookie!!!

    9c 1 #Gad but mine connects bt disconnects after 2min... What can do
  3. manuel

    manuel Member

    My etisalat is not connecting again... Has anybody experienced d same.


  5. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah Member

    Thanks gad working well
  6. pius

    pius Member

    Yes my device is rooted@Gad shot_2016-11-28_07-20-01.png
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2016
  7. Sezi

    Sezi Upcoming

    Wah kind od apn is that??!:confused:
  8. Lanlehin

    Lanlehin Rookie!!!

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  9. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Change the APN to default bro that one is old, just restore everything back to default settings
  10. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Enough with the spamming bro @Lanlehin, if you don't Stop now you will be banned!

  11. jackcob

    jackcob Rookie!!!

    Thanks a lot for your update.
    Gad likes this.
  12. Sezi

    Sezi Upcoming

    Gad please answer , this stuff aint connecting even when it does., it still throttles just like sypon shield. Pleasze help me , I use glosecure. Even gloflat gave the same ish, wah shld I now do?
    Diz cheat is the LAST RESORT
  13. lesley

    lesley Member

    @Gad,thanks for your discovery,but i thought there is an update?for xp Psiphon because of the bug on it!
  14. Msdqkk

    Msdqkk Rookie!!!

    Gad plz I need ur here, does it only works on a rooted android phone
    Opeyemi and you likes this.
  15. Msdqkk

    Msdqkk Rookie!!!

    Mine it will connect for some minute but it will not browse anything then later it will disconnect plz I need ur help here.
  16. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Thanks bro, enjoy.................
  17. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Yeah it's kinda misbehaving when using Glo, change your server to (best performance) and make show you have strong signal strength, also change your apn to or etisalat or with that it won't disconnect once connected

    As of now this is the new version haven't seen any update yet, don't worry when it comes will fill you Guy's in.

    Yeah bro it work's on rooted and non-rooted devices

    On what sim bro, and is your network mode in 3G ONLY not 2G/3G MODE
  18. harbehorlarsam

    harbehorlarsam Rookie!!!

    Hw can it work with mtn
  19. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Nah bro only working with Etisalat and Glo for now
  20. lesley

    lesley Member

    @Gad, thanks again, We are here to stay.
  21. Msdqkk

    Msdqkk Rookie!!!

  22. Msdqkk

    Msdqkk Rookie!!!

    Gad am using glo
  23. Msdqkk

    Msdqkk Rookie!!!

    Gad plz can you sent the SS setting of glo for both the psiphon and phone settings plz,we ned ur help plz
    Gad likes this.
  24. Nealson

    Nealson Member

    It's working oooo and its more stable mostly at night ;)...Gad more grease to your elbow
    Gad likes this.
  25. Nealson

    Nealson Member

    Use it with this Glo Apn :- glounlimitedzone and have a wonderful story to tell thereafter ;)
    Gad likes this.
  26. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Just use default settings on your phone bro no special settings and to know more goto the first page of this Thread, and get it working

    More questions kindly drop them
  27. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Thanks bro, enjoy.................

    Share with others too, more updates coming soon
  28. jonto92

    jonto92 Member

    pls how will i use it wt etisalat pls
  29. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    OK bro to use it for etisalat use this proxy server >>Download blaze on from etisalat put it on URL/HOST
  30. Nealson

    Nealson Member

    Alright bro, am seriously enjoying it just finished downloading the flash complete season one , season two loading...
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