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Free Browsing Settings Using New Xp Psiphon Vpn Handler ___update By Gad!

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Cheats' started by Gad, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Praise

    Praise Active Mod

    Yeah,thanks for the feedback bro:D
  2. Psychometry

    Psychometry Member

    Does Airtel have any cheat???
  3. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    It work's with etisalat and glo
  4. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Not yet bro
  5. lesley

    lesley Member

    @Gad thanks for your feedback am using glo, but is on and off. UOTE="Gad, post: 48010, member: 3246"]Thanks bro, it's working what sim are you using[/QUOTE]
    Gad likes this.
  6. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight


    Ok bro
  7. Nelsy

    Nelsy Rookie!!!

    can I still use it i lf I have airtime on my phone and won't they Tamper with it
  8. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Yeah you can have airtime on your phone and still use it on etisalat only (as far as you aren't on Payu) but for glo use it without airtime, because if there's airtime on your phone it's going to use all of it.
  9. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    @Richest25 goto the first page of this thread, to see how to use it on your phone
    Wclvip likes this.
  10. Tony Nwa 042

    Tony Nwa 042 Member

    Wow is working 101% thanks @Mr gad
    Gad likes this.
  11. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Thanks bro, keep on flexing tight
    thafweshgeek likes this.
  12. ugozid

    ugozid Active

  13. manuel

    manuel Member

    finding it difficult to connect.....2g network in my area both glo nd etibaba.. is there any app i can use to boost my 2g network to3g.
  14. bethel

    bethel Member

    Its throtling
    Any etisalay configuration?
  15. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    You can use MTK ENGINEERING MODE to boost your reception
  16. bethel

    bethel Member

    How pls.
  17. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Ok bro open your MTK , click MTK SETTINGS at the first page which is TELEPHONY go down to network selecting and enter WCDMA ONLY, after that go back and go down a bit to where you will see Mobile data service preferred click on it and tick the small box at the right to enable mobile data transmission at full speed.

    With that done go back and start browsing, sure you are going to feel some improvement on your reception
  18. Zeus_Zamani

    Zeus_Zamani Rookie!!!

    Is they anyany configuration needed ??
  19. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Nah bro, just follow the step's on the first page of this post and see how to get it working on your phone
  20. Nnamdi alex

    Nnamdi alex Rookie!!!

    Can I see the settings for etisalat
  21. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Ok bro, just goto the first page of this post it's there
  22. godwinzy

    godwinzy Member

    Working like mad
    Gad likes this.
  23. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Thanks for confirming bro, keep on blazing..........
  24. pius

    pius Member

    Please is there any one using this to power Google play services
  25. pius

    pius Member

    Solution to Google service with this xp VPN, please help
  26. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Yeah bro, once connected it powers all apps on your phone
  27. ham_samm

    ham_samm Upcoming

    Otg testing....
  28. pius

    pius Member

    Mine powers other apps but not Google play services (Gmail, YouTube, play store)
  29. pius

    pius Member

    Am using tecno r7, please help


    YES @pius
    Gad likes this.
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