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Free Browsing Settings Using New Xp Psiphon Vpn Handler ___update By Gad!

Discussion in 'Free Browsing Cheats' started by Gad, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Guyz XP Psiphon has been successfully launched which is totally different from other psiphon with even a new interface, a new internet settings and many other features. I think this Vpn will be very strong enough to connect on any Android phones unlike tweakware that the latest versions now has many bugs which cannot connect to all free browsing cheats anymore.


    XP Psiphon was designed and developed by Shabuzaman. This Vpn features are;

    Very fast and easy to use

    US, INDIA, SINGAPORE and SPAIN servers added

    Improved UI

    It supports tethering (USB tether, WIFI tether and generic tether)

    Auto import config

    Secured config

    Splash theme


    Minor bugs fixed


    This Vpn can be tethered and you can also import config files settings to this Vpn and it will work. Yeah this is the right VPN a Jkin suppose to download on his or her phone so kindly download XP Psiphon by clicking below ››››

    Download here ››› Download XP-Psiphon 6.0.0(Shabuzaman).apk

    Did you encounter any problem while trying to set this new Vpn up kindly ask more questions and if it works for you kindly share your experience!


    Stay tuned to for all latest updates!
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  2. Praise

    Praise Active Mod

    Nice bro,will give it a try:rolleyes:;)
    Prezzy and Gad like this.
  3. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Thanks bro

    Waiting on that.......................
  4. Psychometry

    Psychometry Member

    Is there a configuration file for the glo cheat?? I just bought a glo sim today that's why I'm asking. tnx
  5. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Nah bro it's just like the normal psiphon, but different
  6. kelebzy

    kelebzy Upcoming

    But u could export your glo config file by clicking on the + sign in the home section and selecting export config,which then u can upload or share to someone
    Toprarph, Gad and Prezzy like this.
  7. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Nice share @Gad
  8. Noel Nelz Asap

    Noel Nelz Asap Active Bot!

    Great nice
  9. Wclvip

    Wclvip Upcoming

    Nice one
  10. viosky

    viosky Upcoming

    Share the working glo and Etisalat configuration here so we can just download and import it


    COOL ONE @Gad
  12. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Ok guyz @kelebzy @viosky @COOCOOMOROCO

    Just follow this step's on how to use it

    After downloading the Xp psiphon Vpn open it

    click MENU OPTION

    Then click on XP GENERATOR

    After that, enter in URL/HOST

    Then insert in PROXY (IP : PORT)

    Something like this ››››

    So after that, you can then Mark REAL HOST under proxy type.

    Then you can now click on GENERATE and then CONNECT.


    After that just start your unlimited browsing/downloads on Glo {unlimited} or etisalat {data capped}

  13. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Thanks guyz
  14. Pauljeks

    Pauljeks Member

    lesley likes this.
  15. viosky

    viosky Upcoming

    I need etisalat configuration
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2016
  16. farukfm

    farukfm Member

    Nice shere bro
  17. judetech

    judetech Member

  18. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Thanks bro
  19. Abasiofiok Bassey

    Abasiofiok Bassey MOOSE Mod

    This is cool.. Nice share bro
  20. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Thanks bro
  21. viosky

    viosky Upcoming

    Toprarph likes this.


    Gad likes this.
  23. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Thanks bro
  24. lesley

    lesley Member

    @Gad keep the good work, but is not working, thanks.
  25. lesley

    lesley Member

  26. lesley

    lesley Member

    Or it's working for anybody?? plzs answer!!!!
  27. remyboy1

    remyboy1 Rookie!!!

    It workes
    Praise and Gad like this.
  28. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Thanks bro, it's working what sim are you using
  29. Nelsy

    Nelsy Rookie!!!

    how about etisalat Setting
  30. Gad

    Gad T=Trusted Knight

    Just the same settings you used on psiphon that's the way it is on this one same proxy server

    Learn how it work's in the 3rd and 4th pic's, for etisalat goto the URL/HOST and put in this server ››› Download blaze on from etisalat
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