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Hot E Cooperative: Nigeria Based Paying Scheme Which Is Cheaper & Pays Faster

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by Mister Gee, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Mister Gee

    Mister Gee Member

    No spamming please
  2. Mister Gee

    Mister Gee Member

    Please notify here once you have registered
  3. Mister Gee

    Mister Gee Member

  4. Mister Gee

    Mister Gee Member

  5. prince5005

    prince5005 Member

    I would advice u guys join btcglobal.info
    you can make over 160BTC with just 0.02BTC start up
    no referral links involved(no referring or networking)

    Go to www.btcglobal.info
  6. simmy4money

    simmy4money Rookie!!!

    Woaw so cool.. Ecooperative is paying! am in my level 3 now .. Join me here for massive spillovers
    Join e-Cooperative
  7. raph

    raph Member



    PCM is an online donation exchange platform that connects millions of Nigerians to find those who NEED help and match them with those who are ready to PROVIDE help. Participants transfer money directly to each other. “Peer to peer system”,

    ✅Minimum Donation
    N5k to get N10k
    ✅Maximum Donation N10k to get N20k
    ✅Multiple Donation is not allow

    ⏩Quick Payment (Mobile transfer)
    ⏩ Active mobile number
    ⏩Willingness to PROVIDE HELP
    ⏩Access to internet

    ⏩No Central Account
    ⏩ Operates on WHATSAPP which does not require maintenance/crash like WEBSITE.
    ⏩Quick Match and Re-match
    ⏩ Instant Payment
    ⏩No fake POP
    ⏩No Delay Confirmation
    ⏩No Multi Level Networking
    ⏩24/7 online assistance

    *HOW* *IT* *WORKS*
    ▶ *DONOR*
    ⚠ You declare willingness to PROVIDE HELP
    ⚠You will be MATCHED with participant that NEEDS help.
    ⚠ A Matching LIST containing your Details and Recipients details will be released
    ⚠You will call the Recipient to request for his/her Account Details.
    ⚠You make the payment within 5 hours.
    ⚠Unpaid order will be featured in the NEXT LIST.
    ⚠ Inclusion in the MATCH LIST is on first come first serve

    Drop your details in this format: E.g *Name/phone number/amount in the PH room!!

    Click here to join to join pH room... PRUDENT-CASH MASTER

    After paying, Pls enter the CONFIRMATION GROUP And upload your evidence of payment


    For any complains, please join the complaint group

    ✅Don’t confirm donation that you have not received
    ✅A confirmation of payment must be done immediately after Payment.
    ✅ If no donation received within 5 hours you will be rescheduled by the Admin.
    ✅Be available online when you’re expecting a donation to make it easier and quick to complete the transaction with donor in real time.

    Do not fail to Confirm Payment---------Penalty: You will be blocked
    You must pay before Deadline------Penalty: You will be blocked
    Do not “REFUSE PAYMENT” more than once a week Penalty: Suspension

    The use of the terms 100% in 48 hours cannot be considered as a yield or interest rate, it is a reward for the voluntary help provided.
    No central account, Donation is from participant to participant

    ‼ *RULES*‼
    ⛔All complaints should posted in the complain room
    ⛔No advertisement of any sort is allowed
    ⛔The use of abusive words is highly prohibited
    ⛔The same phone number you used in to request to PH is the same number you will use to send your Bank details to whoever you are paired with when it is your turn to GH
    ⛔Everyone providing help should be ready to make payment within 1hour 30mins from the time a PH list is released, else you will be kicked out of the platform as people that are not serious are not welcomed.
    ⛔After payment, upload your proof of payment to the P.C.M. CONFIRMATION ROOM.
    NB: Anyone attempting to provide fake proof of payment would be discovered and kicked out as the person getting help would be confirm your payment to ADMIN before you will be confirm.

    NB: Violation to any of the above rules will result to being kicked out of the platform forever.
    These rules apply to all the rooms.
  8. Mister Gee

    Mister Gee Member

    Please no spamming here
  9. Mister Gee

    Mister Gee Member

  10. Morcha

    Morcha Rookie!!!

    Join Tru dis link ecooperative.online/register/22johnson
  11. Ogidi_omo1

    Ogidi_omo1 Member

    *Help of just 1,000 Naira ONLY and Get GUARANTEED Help of over 200,000 Naira within 30 DAYS!*

    *Details of the system:*

    It's a networking business called E COOPERATIVE It's a program that makes you money while you sleep!

    E cooperative is a peer to peer payment platform where you pay others and others pay you too.

    This simply connotes that there is NO central account where money is paid and disbursed, rather, members pay directly to each other in order of uplines and downlines.

    * *HOW IT WORKS:*

    *Level 1:*
    Here you register with just 1,000 naira and you will be automatically paired with a NIGERIAN member from any part of the country which you pay the 1,000 naira to.

    Upon confirmation by the person, you will be automatically matched by the System to receive payment of 1,000 naira from 4 members, giving you a total of 4,000 naira.

    *Level 2:*

    After receiving your payment of 4,000 naira, you upgrade to level 2 by paying 2,500 naira (from the 4,000 naira you got from LEVEL 1) to a member in level 2 which the system will pair with you. When your payment is confirmed, you will be automatically matched to receive 2500 naira from 16 persons, which is 40,000 naira.

    *LEVEL 3:*
    Here, you pay 5,000 naira (from the 40,000 naira you got from LEVEL 2) to a member matched with you. When your payment is confirmed,you will be automatically matched to receive 5000 naira from 64 persons, which is 320,000 naira.

    *LEVEL 4:*
    Here, you pay 10,000 naira (from the 320,000 naira you got from LEVEL 3) to a member matched with you. When your payment is confirmed, you will be automatically matched to receive 10,000 naira from 256 persons, which is 2,560,000 naira.

    Differences b/w this system and other network businesses :

    This system is unique. I will highlight it here:


    Levels donations. Returns
    Level1. 1000. 4000
    Level2 2500. 40,000
    Level3 5000. 320,000
    Level4 10,000. 2,560,000
    Level5. 25,000. 100,000
    Level6. 50,000. 800,000
    Level7. 90,000 5,760,000
    Level8. 175,000. 44,800,000
    *Believe me, there ain't any platform as cool as dis*
    *Take dat step nd Invest ur 1000naira 2day instead of leaving in d bank nd paying constant sms alerts charges without profits*

    So when I saw ecooperative just 1,000 naira to get started which earns you hundreds of thousands in couple of days, I decided to do my research about it and get the word across to everyone. ANYONE CAN GET STARTED HERE IN A MATTER OF MINUTES!

    Please this is a serious OPPORTUNITY for ONLY serious PEOPLE.
    Use the link below to get yourself registered

    contact for any help

    Click this link to register:
    Join e-Cooperative
    Join e-Cooperative
  12. Chizzystar10

    Chizzystar10 Member

    How sure are you that it pays
  13. Endure Lin

    Endure Lin Member

    No doubt. It pays. Join Now!
  14. Mister Gee

    Mister Gee Member

  15. blackpriest

    blackpriest Member

    I want 2 register but I can't refer 4 people can u help me?
  16. blackpriest

    blackpriest Member

    Mister gee can u help me I want register buh I can't refer pple
  17. Ogidi_omo1

    Ogidi_omo1 Member

    Join using the link below and you will get you downlines
    Join e-Cooperative
  18. Ogidi_omo1

    Ogidi_omo1 Member

    Join using the link below and get tour downlines
    Join e-Cooperative
  19. Ogidi_omo1

    Ogidi_omo1 Member

    Join the moving train on ecooperate and thank me later, ecooperate pay and people keep enjoying it every day follow the link below
    Join e-Cooperative
  20. blackpriest

    blackpriest Member

    You promise bro?
    You promise bro?
  21. Ogidi_omo1

    Ogidi_omo1 Member

  22. Unique

    Unique Rookie!!!

    JuST 1WEEK in THE BUSINESS !!!!!!This is not like MMMIt's Government approved means ofempowering people!If you don't make 300k within onemonth, report me to any one!Make much money this year withEcooperative!Level 1: Donate ₦1000, get ₦4,000Level 2: Donate ₦2500, get ₦40,000Level 3: Donate ₦5000, get ₦320,000Level 4: Donate ₦10,000, get₦5,256,000Stage 1 ends.At the end of the cycle, you canrestart! orproceed to stage 2 .And Guess what?Youcanalso own multiple accounts!!!To start?,All you need is a1. Gmail account,2. Bank account3. An internet enabled device4. ₦1000.Note: Money is paid into member’sbankaccountas it’s a peer to peer donation.Interested in this simple and rewarding business?Whatsap me for full details!08133532129 or type interested now.Register now and enjoy from the massive spill overClick this link to join Join e-Cooperative.
  23. Unique

    Unique Rookie!!!

    Whatsapp or call 08133532129 for further enquiry on the registrations and payment.Thanks
  24. Ogidi_omo1

    Ogidi_omo1 Member

    Inbox me on 08034098053
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