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Central Bank Of Bitcoin | Sell Btc At Best Rates On The Internet

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Nigeria Community' started by Prezzy, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. udavid546

    udavid546 Member


    name: DAVID UNYIME
    acc no: 0152590850
    bank: GTB

    name: DAVID UNYIME
    acc no: 6172670570
    bank: FIDELITY

    Below is a screenshot of my wallet....for the avoidance of doubt


    Attached Files:

  2. rahmon

    rahmon Member

    bitcoin price now 520 contact me if you interested
  3. rahmon

    rahmon Member

    PREZZY no want buy again??
  4. ucheisaac

    ucheisaac Member

    I ha
  5. Dayjosh Walters

    Dayjosh Walters Rookie!!!

    Contact 08166577988 via what's app or call, for TBC at a very cheap price. Christmas Bonus available at the moment.
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  6. rahmon

    rahmon Member

    bit coin available at 520 per 1#$ now msg if u need
  7. Villy

    Villy Member

    Prezzy spamming is becoming to much here! Please do something about it coz this isn't what this thread was created for! I think many Jkins have gotten the wrong idea! Prezzy started this thread so participants can sell their bitcoins to him @ a specified rate coz he's very trustworthy (besides he's the Moderator/Admin, so why fear). But now everybody wants to sell, indicating their number and rate...the issue now is who can be trusted cos this could lead to an avenue of participants getting scammed. I can't just start sending money to one's account because he/she posted that there's bitcoin for sale. So please let's all seek a means to address this issue so no one gets ripped off or scammed. That's my own 2-pence
  8. Tutucious

    Tutucious Active BTC Dealer

    Exactly my tots
  9. rahmon

    rahmon Member

    people that have bought from member here should testify to there buyers so people can know who and who are spammers
  10. Dgr8zubi

    Dgr8zubi Member

    How comes there have not been sales recently?
  11. Tutucious

    Tutucious Active BTC Dealer

  12. adex01

    adex01 Member

    I want to buy 24$
  13. Tutucious

    Tutucious Active BTC Dealer

  14. adex01

    adex01 Member

    How much u sell
  15. Ar9

    Ar9 Member

    Wanna buy $5 worth of Btc pls
  16. Tutucious

    Tutucious Active BTC Dealer

  17. Tutucious

    Tutucious Active BTC Dealer

  18. Tommy345

    Tommy345 Member

    Bitcoin worth 23$ for sale N530
  19. Matt

    Matt Rookie!!!

    Hello boss pls I have Bitcoins for sale 38.40$ at d rate of 530 I dont know if u would buy it from me
  20. Orit

    Orit Member

    I thought this thread was for selling bitcoin, how come my post indicating i had $60 worth of bitcoin for sale was deleted?... I have bought bitcoin from the buy section a number of times and i do not see wats wrong in me selling mine here.
  21. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    @Orit you need to open a new thread for that.

    This one is for CBB ok?
    So, you are welcome to open yours and sell there
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  22. mazzaroth

    mazzaroth Member

    Please, wats the current selling rate?
  23. mazzaroth

    mazzaroth Member

    I have $100 for sale!
  24. Michael Amara

    Michael Amara Rookie!!!

    *How does BTCINVESTMENT work?* In a nutshell, you start with 0.002 bitcoin (around $1.55) which you pay to your upline (the person you registered under), then with the team's support two people get to register under you paying you 0.002BTC each, you upgrade to stage 2 with 0.003BTC and so forth.

    NOTE: We work as a team to ensure that everyone gets to level 5 in less than a month, ONLY the admins can assign downlines to members, so don't worry about your two downliners. ( But make sure you collect referrer links from the admin)

    You only need 2 referals (No one can have more than 2) your rest referrals will be the referrals of your referrals. Below is BITINVESTMENT estimated profit calculation in Naira.

    Donate N800($1.55)

    *Level 1* -: Receive N800 from 2 ref (your two direct referrals) = N1,600 (donate N1200 to upgrade) gain 400

    *Level 2* -: Receive N1200 from 4 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) =4800 (donate 4000k to upgrade) gain 800

    *Level 3* -: Receive 4000k from 8 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 32000 (donate 20000 to upgrade) gain 12000k

    *Level 4* -: Receive 20000k from 16 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = 320000 (donate 202000 to upgrade) gain 118000k

    *Level 5* -: Receive 202000k from 32 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N6,464,000



    Register BTC investments one coin at a time
  25. @Prezzy I want to sell $50 worth of BTC. Is it possible? And at what rate? I'm waiting!
  26. Aminu usman

    Aminu usman Rookie!!!

    Hlo bros this is my wallet address Aminu Usman 1LuDYX5CRx5NSnMNDV9DvpDhaHMa9rF8pk
  27. Tky

    Tky Member

    @Prezzy, I got 40$ worth of bitcoins for sale at 525. Contact me if you interested.

    Send me a Facebook message @
    Nwogu Cyriacus Toochukwu
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2016
  28. mazzaroth

    mazzaroth Member

    Over $100 worth of btc for sale...anyone interested?
  29. mazzaroth

    mazzaroth Member

    Or better still,anybody who sells phones at computer village who wldnt mind being paid via bitcoin pls indicate,i'll be there on friday for business!
  30. mazzaroth

    mazzaroth Member

    Prezzy ur number ain't going through I have bitcoin for sale
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