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Official 8 Days Later, We Hit 9k! Another Chance To Win Free Recharge On Jackobian

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Prezzy, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Yea, on December 24th, we reached 8,000 members in this forum. Check it here = Jackobian @ 8k! Yes, I Was There And You?

    We had our own little celebration then and here we are today again celebrating similar stuff.

    We aren't really celebrating now. Celebration will be when we hit 10,000 Jackobians finally.

    However, this thread is for something else entirely...
    Perhaps you have heard about what's called Alexa Rank.

    Well, it's simply a system by which all websites in the world are ranked according to the participation they get daily, weekly or monthly.

    Just so you know,
    Google = 1
    YouTube = 2
    Facebook = 3

    Jackobian = 100k

    Have a look =
    Now this is how you win!
  2. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    It's simple...
    But before we continue, what's the price we are talking about?

    => #500 Recharge for the first 2 people who share their screenshots when we make it across 100k to 90k+

    So, keep close to this link = Traffic, Demographics and Competitors - Alexa

    Then drop your phone number and you'll land your card!
  3. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Besides, If I drop a pic first, I'll pocket one 500 and any other person can win the other 500!

    Thanks and stay close....
  4. godfather

    godfather Member

  5. Meister

    Meister Member

  6. Romantic4

    Romantic4 Member

    Attached Files:

  7. Meister

    Meister Member

    Can't find where 8k subscribers was shown up there
    Prezzy likes this.
  8. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Alright but... The funny thing is that these ones commenting now won't be here to win the price when it happens.

    They will be sleeping by then.
    Am sure of that
  9. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    this is how you know how many members that are on Jackobian.

    Go to the homepage and scroll down.
    You'll see something like this..

  10. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Bro, I meant Alexa rank.

    Check Alexa here = Traffic, Demographics and Competitors - Alexa

    Once we make it past 100,000 to about 90,000 - 99,000 simply drop a comment that we have made it past that here and you'll be rewarded.

    Of course you have to be among the first 2 people to do so..
  11. teledola

    teledola Upcoming

    Ernest likes this.
  12. star

    star Rookie!!!

    The website gave an empty report message
  13. Sullex

    Sullex Member

    Oya na
  14. soultan

    soultan Rookie!!!


    Attached Files:

  15. soultan

    soultan Rookie!!!


    Attached Files:

  16. emmydav

    emmydav Upcoming


    Attached Files:

  17. Akintunde

    Akintunde Rookie!!!

  18. wokemz

    wokemz Member

  19. Greatman

    Greatman Well Known Mod

    @Prezzy we are already there and still climbing
    Prezzy likes this.
  20. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

  21. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    @Greatman please drop your phone number to grab your airtime
  22. Greatman

    Greatman Well Known Mod

    Prezzy likes this.
  23. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    I think most people didn't understand this thread at all. was ranking very small before but with time we got to 100k from 1 million.

    Today, for the first time, we crossed the 100k mark and zoomed into the era of top 100k websites in the world.

    But we cannot be among the top 100k websites unless we are less than 100k or we are just at that point.

    So the whole point of this thread is to reward anyone who will announce that Jackobian is now among the top 100k websites in the world and greatman is the one person that has done so.

    Who's gonna be the next?
    Greatman likes this.
  24. D-termined

    D-termined Well Known Knight

    Prezzy likes this.
  25. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    well, that's it.
    2 people have just won it.
  26. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    hpwever, i don't exactly like the fact that they are all Jackobian staff.
    this is an open stuff and anyone is eligible to participate and win.

    Why did everyone just miss it except staff?
  27. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

    Your airtime has been sent bro!
    Kindly upload payment proof to seal this... you should get a message from MTN
  28. Prezzy

    Prezzy T=Trusted Admin

  29. D-termined

    D-termined Well Known Knight

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