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Bitcoin Nigeria Community

Bitcoin has come to Nigeria to stay. We can not surpress it more than other countries and the government have tried. It only keeps growing and getting more accepted by the general public. Bitcoin in Nigeria is a new Music and Language and we are still learning how to Dance to the Tune. We hope to learn together and help in Developing the Bitcoin Nigeria Community into one of the most Enviable by Suggesting and Discussing Bitcoin Investment opportunities in which anyone can participate and earn and grow. Bitcoin elites, owners, investors, spenders, buyers and sellers community on
Motto is One Love, let's grow together!

  1. HYIP! Dangerous Investments

    This forum is for any type of High Yield Investment Program.
    HYIP Is simply a program that promises Results which are usually too big to be Real. They are easy to spot although sometimes they disguise themselves and they are equally very dangerous to work with.
    Make sure you understand what HYIP means before investing in them. Welcome to the league of die hard earners!
    Latest: Pay Doublers Is Blazing!! chibyke, Jan 23, 2017 at 1:35 PM


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